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About FiPi

FiPi is a partnership between the worlds of conflict resolution and communications. It was set up by Fiona A. McAuslan and Peter Nicholson in 2011 and is based in Dublin, Ireland. Peter and Fiona have worked together since 2007 after they met during the publication of the S.A.L.T. Programme: Creative Solutions to Conflict for Primary Schools.

We have developing an Irish Creative Mediation Model that works world wide through performance based Conflict Resolution Training. So far we have pushed this work through retail publications in Ireland for both adults and children as well as into the main stream national second level (primary school) system.

Fipi’s publications incorporate methodology using characters which define a problem, impart how to deal with the issue and goes on to set out solutions, and answer questions. New media has been incorporated enable the reader, or student, to assimilate the solutions.


Authors WorkingOur publications include:

The S.A.L.T. Programme: a comprehensive programme for schools already used in many Irish and UK Schools.

The Resolving Books Series: We currently have four books, the newly released Resolving Bereavement, Resolving Bullying, Resolving Anger and Resolving Sibling Rivalry. The books are simple straightforward, but very clever tools. All of the books are widely used at home and in schools.

Living with Separation & Divorce Book: The book is a companion to help guide both people through the journey of separation and divorce.

We are currently developing a number of new publications, amination projects and online programmes using our performance based Conflict Resolution Training method including "Living with Separation & Divorce" for the American market and "Resolving Separation & Divorce issues with your children".

Fiona A. McAuslanAbout Fiona A. McAuslan

Originally from Scotland, Fiona moved to Ireland to play as a violinist in the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland. Her interest in Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking came from her experience negotiating employee and workplace issues for the the NSOI over a number of years.

She has a Masters from UCD in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and works as a mediator, conflict coach, author and trainer, splitting her time between private practice, The Family Mediation Service, Clanwilliam Institute and Drumcondra Education Centre. She is a fully accredited Practitioner Mediator member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland and ACR. She trained with the Family Mediation Service, where she still works. Fiona is also a published author and a regular contributor to radio and TV in Ireland and internationally.

She lives in North County Dublin with her husband Michael, and two children, Sarah and Ben.

Organisational and Workplace
Fiona is skilled in working with a variety of organisations, looking to resolve difficult disputes. Her background in negotiation and industrial relations gives her a good understanding of what it takes to reach agreement on challenging and intricate issues.

Couple Separation and Family Mediation
Fiona’s extensive work in family mediation gives her a thorough knowledge of couple separation and family mediation. She is particularly interested in mediating agreements with a strong focus on the welfare of the children. She has experience working with Guardian ad Litem in court referred cases.

Fiona the Director of the Conflict Resolution Education Module on the Masters programme in MaynoothNUI. She also Directs CRE, the new Conflict Resolution Education Programme in Drumcondra Education Centre. She has developed a number of courses for the education sector and presents to teachers and parents regularly through in-service days and evening talks.

Conflict Coaching
Fiona is an experienced conflict coach and uses this model of work in all areas of her practice. She is particularly experienced with Bullying and Harassment work in all fields, including schools.

Peter NicholsonAbout Peter Nicholson
With over 20 years experience working in the marketing and communications world Peter works with many companies and organisations to communicate their sales and marketing messages. As well as being managing director of a design and marketing company called OGX, Peter also sits on a number of boards and is Chairman of the South Dublin Arts Centre, Rua Red. Peter has a degree in Visual Communications and also Marketing and uses his knowledge of communications to partner with Fionas experience in the world of conflict resolution to create tools including books, programmes and shortly animation and eLearning.

Peter has worked in the past with many household name companies such as O2, Nike, Volkswagen and Louis Vuitton. MarrIed to Karen with two teenage children Peter lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Peter and Fiona have worked together since meeting during the process of creating the S.A.L.T. Programme and formed FiPi in 2011.

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For more information on the SALT Programme, FiPi and our other publications email us at info@fipi.ie

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